S.I.R.T. & L.A.S.R. / DRY FIRE

Increase Your Speed, Accuracy, Efficiency & Safety

The NRA has approved Laser Pistol Marksmanship Simulator Training  because it’s an ideal tool for beginners to learn pistol safety and marksmanship and it even provides experienced shooters with a way to fine tune their sharpshooting skills.  Laser pistol training equates to NO LIVE FIRE!  Laser pistol training is perfect for introducing students to handguns and also excellent for one-on-one shooting instruction before students take a live fire class. 

Training focuses on the fundamentals of handgun safety, pistol marksmanship and we demystify topics such as stance, grip, sight picture, trigger, breath control and proper follow through. We use a high-tech Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger (SIRT) professional training LASER PISTOLS that are totally safe yet, hefty enough to feel realistic and has functional trigger, magazine and sights. 

S.I.R.T. LASER PISTOLS  paired with another futuristic training system known as the LASER ACTIVATED SHOT REPORTING, L.A.S.R. system that records & analyzes every shot. The end result, you’ll leave the class knowing the basic marksmanship fundamentals and know when applied; they're effective and they really work!

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S.I.R.T. & L.A.S.R. / DRY FIRE

Going to the Range is Expensive & Inconvenient

And, worse yet, going to the range leaves shooters with HUGE TRAINING GAPS! The major problems with relying on live fire range training alone are: 

Cost: Ammo is expensive and sometimes hard to find. Add to that the range fees, targets, gear, cleaning your weapons; your transportation to and from the range, plus the long wait times at a crowded live fire range just isn't something most of us can do every week. 

Full Range of Motion: Pulling the trigger is one thing but professionals know you also need to train drawing the firearm from your concealed holster, readying the firearm, getting into a stance & grip, reloading, malfunctions and re-holstering the gun. Not only do most ranges have rules against this but it can also be very dangerous to train these skills with a fully loaded firearm. 

Stationary: Real life never holds still, except at the range and you’re probably only allowed to stand still and fire at a single stationary target. This doesn't prepare you for a world where targets move and you need to move too. 

Single Target: Both indoor & outdoor ranges have rules against setting up multiple targets but in real life you shouldn't bet your life on engaging a single assailant. 

Rapid Fire: Not allowed, don’t even thing about it!  



  • Drawing from holster
  • Reloading drills
  • Presentation
  • Natural point of aim
  • Trigger Control
  • Awkward shooting positions
  • Increasing overall speed and accuracy
  • Acceptable sight picture/sight alignment
  • Scenarios (shooting live targets with safety protocol in place)
  • Target transitions
    • Driving the eyes and bringing the gun on target without overtraveling
  • Prepping the trigger at appropriate times
    • Prepping when muzzle is aligned on target
    • Not prepping when muzzle is not pointed at something you are willing to destroy
  • Decelerating the body to a shooting position ready to shoot

L.A.S.R. - Laser Activated Shot Recorder

Dryfire practice is the key to maintaining and building skills before, during, and after hitting the range.

L.A.S.R. uses advances in the field of computer vision to "see" the laser from your training aid and record the exact location of your shot. This unique system also provides a shot timer for the added benefit of working on timed drills, as well as numerous other features and modes to help you get more from your dryfire training.

With the instant and precise feedback on shot placement and time, we can help new shooters spot issues early on, or we can dive into the various modes and features and challenge experienced shooters with complex scenarios involving everything from movement to use of cover and much more.

Diagnostic mode can draw a line to indicate movement of the laser, indicating a shooter's weakness. If you are trying to diagnose a trigger control problem, or we are trying to help a new shooter visualize what a good trigger pull looks like, we can enable Diagnostic Mode. You will see a line drawn from your original shot; in the direction your muzzle was moving when the shot broke.

5150 HEAT Has Changed the World of Firearms Training!

  • Train far more often, save time & save more money $$$.
  • Train your draw from your holster and work on full range of motion without concern for safety.
  • Train with movement, moving around corners, up & down stairs, moving for cover & concealment.
  • Train with multiple targets and angles, inside and outside buildings & vehicles. 
  • Train with a partner or team.
  • Train with barriers, cover, and concealment setting up anything you want.
  • Train with immediate and recorded reporting and feedback. 
  • Train without fear of an accidental discharge: 100% safe, (But, please don’t stare at the laser!)
  • Train in your home, the most likely place where you may need to use deadly force, (with your personal trainer/instructor). 
  • Train for any conditions, any position, any light conditions, any weather, any situation and/or any scenario.
  • Train with "Force-On-Force" situations & scenarios.
  • Train with a Laser Pistol that has the features of a Glock 17/19/22/43/S&W M&P & Revolver (Not affiliated with Glock or S&W)
  • Our USCCA Basic Handgun & Home Defense Courses include introductory Laser Pistol; (SIRT & LASR) Range Time.
  • Additional Laser Pistol Range Time available at $39 per/hr. private; 10% discount: pairs & groups - Great for Team Building
  • 5150 HEAT is able to offer tactical training & street survival skills instruction at the Professional Law Enforcement level.